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Welcome to Neuromachine knowledge base !

We welcome you in Neuromachine! Here you will find useful information that will help you get started quickly and easily.

You invest through cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are currently available, in more detail in the instruction .

!!Please note!! If you received a letter with a limited offer - you need to register by following the link in letter You received. !!Please note!!

1. Liquidity

A common deterrent for people looking for new investment options is lack of liquidity. In many opportunities, capital is inaccessible for several years. With investment in Neuromachine, not only do investors have high liquidity, the secondary market means that real-time pricing is based around the current value of the project.

2. Decentralization & Openness

Neuromachine can be available to everyone, because we accepts cryptocurrencies. The only requirement for is that the contributor is able to transfer funds in time to buy. This differs from traditional models of funding startups, where it is close to impossible to become an early investor unless you are in close contact with one of the founders. Investing early is worthwhile, as contributors tend to pay less by avoiding premiums. To become an early investor, contributors just need to pay attention do not miss the deadline for a special offer.

3. Variation in Cost

The chance to use ICOs to fund any project means tokens can vary greatly in value from startup to startup. This lowers risk while also increasing the opportunity to make a considerable profit. Plus, the ability for a large number of investors to contribute enables multi-million dollar Neuromachine projects.

4. Invest Cryptocurrency Profits

Holders of cryptocurrency are often hesitant to make use of their wealth, as they would rather not turn it into fiat and pay taxes on it. This means cryptocurrencies continue to accumulate value, but people are unable to make use of the wealth. Neuromachine as a project are the perfect outlet.

The following work was done.

1) Product marketing - More than 250 professional traders were interviewed with obligatory experience of trading on the stock exchange, capital management of more than $ 5,000,000. The main values ​​of the product have been determined, the RAT (Riskiest Assumption and Test) version has been developed and tested, and the concept has been redesigned in accordance with market demands. The biggest part of the job.

2) Test of neural network technologies - the first stage of the installation and debugging of predictive algorithms for 15 minutes has been completed. Early warning system.

3) Development of interfaces of 3 levels - classic, innovative interface "mental map and templates", interface for "easy asset management"

4) Development of the core platform.

5) Built-in solutions have been developed for market-making and increasing the liquidity of the NRM token

6) Community creation started

7) The main blockchain has been developed and tested (Systems of conditional interaction on smart contracts)

8) Unit economy.

1 NRM = 0,04 $ (US dollars) Excluding bonuses, discounts and special offers

Minimum number of purchase tokens - 250 NRM (10 US dollars)

Maximum number of tokens on purchase without confirmation E-mail - 2 500 NRM

Maximum number of tokens on purchase without KYC - 25 000 NRM

Max. number of purchases of tokens per person - 13 890 000 NRM

Key questions from the community of Neuromachine!

The most tricky questions that were asked to the our project

The idea of creating a project (Neuromachine) appeared in late 2016. Then this area was underdeveloped. The project did not change the scope of its focus.

2018 year helped us significantly clarify the project thanks to product research: more than 250 professional traders were interviewed (and it’s not so easy to find experienced traders for us) and thanks to them we were able to understand the most profound needs and also make a development plan in advance.

For example, now we were able to understand that interaction with a multitude of clients is extremely difficult for a trader - this is how the automation function of placing assets with a trader (including diversified placement) with any number of clients using technology blockchain (Working title - Neuromachine invest) without direct access to funds any of the parties to the contract - minimizing the risk of default.

Studying the market, we came to the conclusion that all the efforts of the market are focused exclusively on marketing, not on IT solutions for the product, which are similar to each other. Therefore, When Neuromachine has a goal to organize a decentralized system of crypto assets management based on the blockchain. To bring the latest technology to the market for the benefit of the market. And make technology simple and affordable for most people.

The NRM token is universal.

It can bring benefits to its owners (investors, team, etc.) in different directions. It can be resold on exchanges (including inner p2p «OTC desk») during periods of growth at a higher price. They can pay for goods and services of the aggregator, fees for services provided by platform members via the NRM platform. Possession of a certain number of coins provides holders with a place on the company's boards.

The project has competitors - other aggregators.

The use of a decentralized platform requires certain costs, strategy development and other things. Perhaps competitive companies are not yet ready for this.

This is possible. At the ICO comes a project based on the basic Priority needs of the blockchain technology consumer market of all mankind - simplicity and reliability. So the relevance and popularity of the project among users will never be lost. And this means a good result for investors.

Tokens are generated and lock until ICO ends

We do not use the "private sale" stage as a specific stage. We always open for negotiation process, for the sake of the project.

There are stages: Pre-Sale, ICO-stage 1 (current), ICO-stage 2